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      What Sewing Machine Should I Buy?
      We use Brother Project RUNWAY Limited Edition Sewing Machines.
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      We made this Music Video Just Because It Was Fun To Do!




      Will the real Katniss Everdeen please stand up.



      I love it when I have the opportunity to brag about one of my student's great accomplishments! Anneliese has only been sewing with us for one year and when she approached me to ask if she could make a Hungry Games themed line for her very first fashion show, I was thrilled! Continue reading...

      Jungle Mobile for New Baby


      Gather a branch from your back yard and some fabric to make this adorable jungle mobile.

      New bundle of joy on the way? How exciting!!! Want a great way to bring the beauty of nature into your baby's nursery. Well I'll tell you step by step how to do create this look. You first want to think of a theme or color scheme you would like in the nursery. For this mobile, the theme is Jungle. I then chose six jungle animals that I want to use and drew templates for. I picked out six different fabrics. Continue reading...




      British Invasion! Winner of last year's Designer of the Year award, twelve-year-old Love to Sew student Sarah is living up to the title. This past September, Sarah debuted her fantastic collection "Breakout" at Love to Sew's annual fashion show at the Double Tree Inn Ballroom in Wilmington, DE. The collection boasted fashions inspired by the judicial system, with a vibrant blue two piece, a black and white striped fitted coat, and a cheeky, brilliant orange romper. Sarah will be competing for the first time in the senior division for the 2013 catwalk. Currently in development, her upcoming collection "British Invasion" will feature... READ MORE






      Don't Know What To Do With Those Old Jeans? Try Some of These Projects


      In the Studio With JUDI

      up close & personal

      Katniss Everdeen's Blue Reaping Dress


      Meet the Family




      Learn to Sew the Looks in Our "Every Style Has a Common Thread" Ad... from knit to cotton fabrics, from sailor to goth to girly girl, we have all the basics covered for your DIY summer fashion and accessory projects. No Patterns Needed!





      I LOVE SKIRTS! Your First Project

      Garment Construction




      Dream it, Sew it...

      Learn the Techniques to Sew These Looks

      (As Seen in VOGUE magazine)

      See how one of our instructors, Jessica, put together our ad for VOGUE magazine. Learn to make the clothing you see in the ad. Love to Sew can now be found in Vogue magazine as a part of Vogue's Trade Directory--the "little black book" for readers interested in the industry. Naturally we hope to show several aspects of sewing and design, highlighted by the whimsical escape of fashion. Here, you can learn how to make near everything featured in our ad (issue for June 2010 UK). The instructions are simple, so even beginners can make it work!




      To Learn More About Making Your Own Clothes we suggest Christine Haynes book Chic and Simple Sewing有什么赚钱的手机棋牌 .  It's our favorite sewing book to use for beginners in our studio, and patterns are included.  We also recommend Project RUNWAY DVDs有没有炸金花稳赢 to view as an excellent guide for fashion design.


      Let's get right to the point... If you are looking for a fun and informative website about Sewing,  Crafting, Quilting, and Fashion Design, with thousands of photos, and over 1300 pages of FREE lessons, directions, and  ideas, then LoveToSew.com is the place to be. 



      Lovetosew.com is a fun family oriented website where we encourage and help children, teens, and adults to Sew, Quilt, Craft, and Fashion Design.  A place where they can gain confidence in themselves, and learn the value of completing a project.


      Love to Sew's Favorite Sewing Book for Beginners who want to learn to make their own clothes...Chic & Simple Sewing炸金花官网坛594yb。cc


      Make this Country Raggedy Quilt Today



      LOVE TO SEW now offers FREE DIY instructional sewing and fashion design videos, sewing-related music videos, and short clips just for fun.



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